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Cooperation with our transport partners

In order to lay the foundations of a successful and long-lasting cooperation with our transport partners from the very beginning, we ask them to meet certain requirements.


  • Valid licence, permissions, CMR insurance
  • Vehicles in excellent conditions, equipped with load safety equipment
  • Reliable and competent drivers
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Compilation and confirmation of our "Transport Partners' Questionnaire"


Before you start filling in the form make sure you have your contact information, bank data (IBAN, SWIFT) and CMR insurance policy ready to hand.

Legal terms: By sending this form, we assure qou that our vehicles correspond to all applicable regulations and standards and have all the licences which are necessary for executing international cargo transports. Our drivers are in possession of all the licences necessary to carry otu transports to the given countries. We also agree to sending you copies of our transport license and CMR insurance.

To successfully complete the registration process, please send us copies of the following documents:


  • valid transport license,
  • valid CMR insurance policy,
  • confirmation of last payment of the CMR insurance

by e-mail to: or by fax to: +43 (0) 5 1750-192.

For a successful registration all fields must be filled in.

The registration process will be completed successfully, if all the data is complete and correct and the three documents mentioned above are sent in by E-mail or fax. You will receive an E-mail notification as soon as you are validatet as a QUO carrier! Note: If you abandon the registration process prematurely all data will be lost. Don't forget to press the 'SEND' button when you are finished.

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