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Wheels you can rely on

Business is a smooth ride with Quo.

QUO offers its partners an excellent business opportunity. As a highly respected organisation in the industry we can guarantee: fast and secure payments on freight invoices, loads for various routes, loads for empty lorries returning from almost any country in Europe, personal service, and long-term partnership.

Our maxim: Reduce idle time and unprofitable kilometres to a minimum and provide innovative services, e.g. our freight exchange, to offer you the shortest routes.

What we expect from our partners

Our partners are expected to deliver the same high standard of service on which we have established our name. This means:

In order to become a QUO partner, you will need a valid license, all the necessary permits, as well as CMR insurance. Only clean, technically flawless vehicles will be allowed to operate on behalf of our company. All vehicles must be equipped with the required mandatory safety features, including clamping boards and lashing straps.

We are looking for experienced reliable drivers with the required safety gear and a mobile phone.

You want to become a QUO partner?

At Quo, we abide by the true principles of partnership: fairness, openness and professionalism. This, in turn, guarantees personal contact, as well as regular consultation and training, for our partners.

The form below is the first step in what we hope will be a long-tern partnership. Please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact us directly, by calling or sending an email to Rainer Pirchl.

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